About us

I have always found learning my students' names very shortly aftyer the first week or so of class to be a challenge. So, I created MyPhotoRoster.com.

MyPhotoRoster.com (MPR) is a website designed to allow teachers to create a photograph based roster for their classes. Teachers can take "head shot" photos of each of their students and then use these photos to create a PDF file roster. The "PhotoRoster" will sort the class alphabetically by last name. By separating the last and first names with a dash "-" in MPR, the first name will appear in bold, upper case letters when printed out. Teachers have the option of storing their class's photo rosters on the MPR website or on their computers.

I hope that you enjoy MyPhotoRoster.com. Please, email me with any problems, suggestions or "kudos". Your input is greatly appreciated.

Dr. Rob Knight